“A Cry from the Wilderness”


I once met
a girl,
Every night
she held her pillow tight

Drowing in tears

Hiding her fears
I hated seeing her cry
I am not good with words
or show how much I cared but
all I could was try
Slowly I healed her
I healed her
from all her pain and sadness.

Call me a vain and my love a madness

but I loved her
to the sky and beyond

She told me I was like nobody else

but little did i know it was false

she broke me.

now I don’t feel,

I don’t heal
tell me lady
Let me see from your glasses
Did i mean so little to you??
you burned my heart to ashes
I thought you were different
Gentle and kind
But frankly saying i was in no right mind
She spun my world around
She made my day
She made me feel a thousand different ways
but..she broke me
Now i don’t feel
I don’t heal.

I only know one thing is real
Its not what you think

Not the happiness

But pain is the realest thing we feel.

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