With those eyes filled with lust, he gazed at her, he gazed and forgot how it felt when he lay with his wife because at the moment, Rebecca was all he could think of. The way her lips fluttered when she talked about her new plans for the ultimate success of the project, and how her slender and long fingers slid their way through the screen where the PowerPoint presentation she made, most probably little by little during the nights she worked on it, curled up in her bed, wrapped inside her fluffy blanket, her sleek hair falling all the way from her forehead to her breasts, probably the c cups, waved up so perfectly so as hugging those extraordinary curves she had. Her eyes had that particular sparkle on them, just like guilded honey but when she was out in the sun they looked pure hazel protected by the luciously long and curled lashes which drew attention from the rest of her perfectly carved face. And then, when she most gracefully tried to tuck those waves at the back of her extremely “nibble-able” ears, the waves in his heart skipped beats, He couldn’t help but notice those blondish streaks sliding down again, covering some of her perfectly sculpted cheeks, her neck and the collar bones so deep he wondered if he could sip wine from them, but hey! It would be her laugh which would intoxicate him more than the wine. And then, when she boldly asks “I would love to answer any of your queries ” with a smile, he cant help himself from asking her our for dinner, he would happily drop her home later you know 😉


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