Entrepreneur business ideas.


1.Senior care provider

Senior care provider

Many older folks would like to keep living on their own, but need a little assistance with daily chores and errands. With just a little outside help and a daily visit from a friendly caregiver, many can maintain their independence. Families are also happy to find a responsible, reliable person in whom they can trust.




Anyone with a website will tell you they have one constant need: new content. Search engines favor websites with new, relevant content, but most businesses don’t have time to devote to generating copy all day. If you’ve got a background in writing, English or journalism, you might find there’s a lot of demand for your services. Between web content, blog entries and press releases, there’s lots of writing to be done.

3.Private tutor

This is a lucrative business idea that can give you good income. You could offer your services to homes in the neighborhood, and while you can choose to take a student individually, you can also take them in large groups as well. You would need to be knowledgeable in the subjects you intend to teach.

4.Wedding Planning Business

Wedding ceremonies in Nepal are always on a grand scale, and most times those involved do not have the time or the energy to plan and take care of every detail themselves. This is where you come in as a wedding planner. However, this kind of business requires that you are creative, and also have contacts with reliable suppliers and vendors of wedding items.

5.Mobile Food Court

People are now too busy and very few take the time out to cook their own food or patronize a restaurant. Your food court solves the problem for most people, as it brings the food to them. You would need to stock up on food that most people are likely to eat, and stay in locations that have a high amount of traffic.

6.Career Guidance

A career guide helps people by advising them on the careers that might suit them for a fee. This is not only a rewarding business but a lucrative one as well. Your success rate with clients will bring in some more clients for you as they will help in referrals.

7.Used Furniture Sale Business

Many people want to get some furniture like sofa, television etc for themselves but cannot afford the new ones. You could also become known by those who wish to dispossess their good old furniture for a fee, thereby serving two sets of clients.

8. Jewellery

Jewellery are always famous with women and they just love to flaunt their collection. But with changing times, there is a shift of style statements and preferences. Now a day as most of the women are working professionals and homemaker at the same time they don’t like something which is too heavy for gold ornaments rather they like something which is unique, light and can be worn at any occasion. There comes the idea for custom jewelry. These are not traditional gold or silver ones rather these are made of various kinds of metals like platinum, copper, tungsten and even of gold and silver. The designs are really attractive and that’s what makes them so famous nowadays.



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