My journey to Miss Leo Nepal |Leo Prakriti Dhakal


Life is not determined by the number of breathe we take but the moment that took our breathe away! Yeah winning the World Eco Hero Award 2016 with lots of support and courage was beyond my expectations which took my breathe away but what’s the next????

The winning certificate was staring me day by day as action springs not from thoughts but from a readiness for responsiblity! That RESPONSIBLITY on my shoulder was making me heavier and heavier on every steps i forwarded.
I believe God paves the way to the dreamers i got my calling “Miss Leo Nepal 2017” I am very much thankful to my homeclub beliving on my strength and the organizer for picking a normal girl like me who belongs from a simple village and middle class family. I was Paradised with the name itself “LEO” (leadership, Experience and opportunity) which teaches me ‘What’s volunterism means?”for me service gives satisfactions,

Because of me someone may will get enough food to eat,

Because of me someone may will get enough clothes to hide their sorrows,

Because of me someone may will get enough medicine to live their life,

Because of me someone may will know at least there is someone in the world who takes care of them,

And this is my passion.

Being in Miss Leo i again did my continuty with Nature,  beauty with purpose title: Health and environment. (please click the link for video) 

I am overwhelmed with the friends circle i got on Miss leo family and the most i got to know “Who am i?”

As i always used to think my name isn’t enough to summerize,

Me and my positive soul inside.

Hope i would do my best on this journey too, to make a green and healthy living, i am very much pleased with all my well wishers who are in finger crossed for the result.

I promise wheather i would be with crown or not but i have already fixed my mind for it,  I run for accomplishment rather than the title which will surely come with lots of determination and encouragement.

Hoping for the best 🙂

Thank you all.


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