Parents“… not just a word,not just a relationship,not just two people you live with who fulfill all your desires forgetting their own.They are the people who made you who you are today and your friends for lifetime.Many people walk into your life and also they leave soon but parents,they are always by your side,whatever mistake you make in your life,they are always there to forgive you and guide you to the right path.Your mom is the one inside whom you were made…she cared for you more than her own body for nine months,she became elated listening to and feeling your first heartbeat to your first kick ever.Never forget,you are the dismembered part of your mothers body,she was the one who fed you even with her stomach half-empty and fulfilled your small desires happily even by stepping at her own needs.She went through various sleepless nights looking after you and she is the person who brought you to this beautiful world by putting her own life at risk.And your father is the one,who taught you how to walk,run and play and was probably the happiest person when you were born.Although he never kept you in his warm womb like your mom did,he always cared for you and your little wishes and desires which were good.They have spent their whole lifetime to make you a person of noble character and have always given you good moral values for moving ahead in a right path.And,the person who hurts their parents is the biggest criminal in the whole world,There is no forgiveness which can be granted to those people who step in their parents’ love and trust.If you have made any mistake , be frank and tell you parents about it rather than telling it to other people…I guarantee you,they will understand you and will always be with you not for worse.People say,you understand the love of your parents only when you grow up into a parent yourself.Never try to do those things intentionally for which you may have to regret after becoming a parent.The only people you love you selflessly in your life are your parents and they are also the only people who are trustworthy in your life.Friends come,use you for their selfishness and move away after the fulfillment of their petty interests but parents, they are always with you,until their last breath.I pay a huge respect and salute to my parents who are always with me,by my side despite the blunders I have inflicted them upon.
Through this article,I want to confess my mistakes and guilt I have made and felt and in front of everyone,I want to promise you that I will show everyone by becoming the same daughter of yours in the nearest future.With this last chance I have in my life and in front of the world,I want to say “I LOVE YOU MOM,I LOVE YOU DAD AND I AM SORRY!!!!!” and admit that I was and still am the biggest criminal in this whole world to break your trust.

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