When you say,”I am a girl!”,the echoes of solitude bounces back to your head and questions yourself”Did you wish to be?”.Then the colors of our patriarchal society contemplates to the echoes which whispers back ,”You have become my canvas.” I don’t know why, but people here are good enough to tell that girls are WEAK. From the day a girl is born,she encounters many incidents which roots up in her mindset that females are weak and the roots grow strong and firm in the careful hands of society. Here everyone wants a son as they think he will continue their family name for generations to come, whereas girls are sent away to someone else’s house, to continue someone else’s family name. A very popular quote from our very own culture also says,”A girl has to depend upon her father before getting married and after marriage, upon her husband.” Can females not fight for what they want? Why do they always have to be the victim? Why only us? Yeah, nowadays we see people launching awareness programs on women’s education and their rights. The existence of institutions out there which claim to fight for women’s rights buds the hope. But when a girl roaming out alone which worries about reaching home safely makes all the efforts go in vain. She is not capable of trusting anyone she meets on the street. She fears, what if something happens to her? What a shame would it be for the parents if something wrong happens to her? And these insecurities never seem to leave.Their grip tightens with every pace she takes. No matter how many degrees we have, the claims we make in knowing between rights and wrongs, we can’t just get ourselves out of this insecurities! Every girl once in her life wishes to live as a boy and the reason is so vivid. I would love to tell you anyway, The fact is she has been told and repeated time and again, if she was a boy she could have done things which she could not. Even in her casual day she looks at her male friends: enjoying things in life which haunts her.She has to take permission to go out with friends. But boys hang out everyday without even the acknowledgment of their parents and still, that’s fine? But if their daughter does the same thing their sons do, the parents also start to think too much about it, they start to doubt if daughter is doing good things, it’s a crazy logic to me. Why won’t they even trust them?When she goes to her parents and strives for the hands of trust her parents make her believe that she is a plain white sheet of cloth that can get dirty just by the touch of a muddy hand. And uh-huh! It’s non-washable too. I see, everywhere in social media people claiming that the main reason behind rape is the girl’s dress-up. But my little mind doesn’t get it. Yes, sometimes clothing may be offensive to someone, but brother, chill, you can always ignore right? Just like the way she ignores your tacky pick up lines when she’s walking alone in the streets. If she has got a perfect body, she would obviously love to flaunt it, just like when boys get six packs they start taking mirror selfies and post in over the internet. So what’s wrong when her bra strap shows sometimes? It’s all because she has a pair of breasts and she wears a bra for it. I, in my personal experience have never seen a group of girls ‘eve-teasing’ guys? The whistles numbs the voices of our society and our Hippocratic society explains it as a NORMAL CASE. Then why do only boys get to have fun by insulting people? Why? I don’t know but I just undauntedly doubt the mind and heart that a boy has been given, why don’t they see the worth of a human being? how can the society be too sensible yet insensible. How? And this brings me great disgust! The general context we see in teenage relationships is that two people are involved in a relationship, the boy wants to approach physically to the girl, out of curiosity, and with least knowledge about sexual and reproductive health. She doesn’t deny, in the name of true love. This also happens because of her inquisitive nature and a little bit of (or much) pressure from the guys side. People misinterpret love. If you are going for a relationship for long term than obviously all you need is trust and respect for their better half. And the some people don’t seem to have any brains to understand what is the real meaning of trust or love. They usually confuse lust and infatuation for love. And what usually happens is they get you and leave!! We hear a lot about rape cases nowadays, but have we heard any of the culprit being punished? Some of them, who can’t pay money are prison ed and that is  all, some may get a lesson but what about the girl? Will anyone ever take out 2 minutes from their self-sufficient living lifestyle and think the way she has been thinking? Will anyone will be imagining a happily-ever-after with her? Will she be as happy as she once used to be? Will she learn to love herself in spite of the horrors life brought to her? So many questions at once…

-Shreya Shrestha

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