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momoam sure that everyone is loved by many people but there is a special person i your life who cares for you,loves you unconditionally and yeah! will never leave you alone before she is dead and that ‘she’ is none other than your mom.If someone’s love is selfless in your life than its your mom’s.She loves her children even if they are black or ugly or even differently abled.She had nearly died when she gave you birth but,after hearing your scream and after having a glance at your innocent face,she forgot all the pains she bore.Your one smile makes her world beautiful and your one rude word ruins her world.Have you felt it???A mother lives for her children.She never leaves your side even if you make a lot of blunders in your life because she gave birth to you and she finds her happiness in yours.Truly,a mothers love is the only thing that makes you alive.If you are far from your mom,you take breath and are alive but if you are with your loving and caring mom,your life lives,you live your life to its fullest… with all enthusiasm and ignorance.WE can’t imagine our disorganized lives without our organized moms.She is the one who fed you,guided you wear your clothes,cleaned your potty,taught you how to read an made you present “you”.Your mom teaches you best way of living your life and how to tackle and solve the problems and how to challenge the challenges time loads on you.She teaches you that life is an echo and encourages you to do good things leading to the right path and helps you channelize your talent in the beat path.She can never think of that things that would make you unhappy.Those people who don’t have moms with them are the unfortunate because your mom is your parent,your guardian,your best friend and many more….She is just beyond comparison.You can share all your secrets with your mom because she is the most trustworthy person you can ever find i this interest driven universe. So, I pay a huge salute to all those moms who fulfill our small desires stepping at her own needs and to their children,I want to say that never make your mom unhappy because you can never get a person like her…. So once again, i scream that “It’s only your mom’s love that makes your life ‘live’ and it’s the mother’s milk which is priceless,more precious than the most expensive thing i this world.So.learn to respect her and her milk which is ambrosia for all of us.”

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