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Top 5 Reasons to Attend WordCamp Pokhara 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Attend WordCamp Pokhara 2018

WordCamp Pokhara is one among many WordCamps that happen around the world each year. If you already know about WordCamp 2017 but you’re still considering whether to go or not, these five reasons make it a must-attend event.

1. Super cool casual conference – Many people tend to associate “conference” with boring speeches and lectures. That’s not WordCamp! WordCamp is a casual conference with cool people that make networking super fun. No professional suits. No long-lasting lectures that put you to sleep. No awkward moments when you try to network. WordCamp not only enhances your WordPress skills, but it also provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, which makes it easy to meet new people and geek out over web design and coding.

2. It’s affordable – You can’t beat a conference that has speakers around the world and from locally for $15 (NRs 1500/-) for the weekend. That weekend ticket also includes some nice swag, lunch, snacks, and a t-shirt (assuming you grab a ticket in time). Not to mention the after parties and networking socials. Again, it’s hard to find a tech conference with that price tag and that much value.

3. Get your questions answered by real people at the Happiness Bar – you will meet a community willing to help each other out, to teach, to debate, and or maybe just lend an ear. You will definitely get answers to your questions.

4. Network in a more casual, fun atmosphere – WordCamp atmospheres are relaxed, casual and welcoming to all regardless of skill-set or financial ability. There is no pepper them air in the atmosphere. We advise you get in your best comfortable attire and shoes because you will move around a lot, not an outfit that will make you praying the day goes by so fast because we promise you won’t want the day to end that fast.

5. Great For Users And Bloggers: You don’t have to be a developer, coder, or WordPress professional. You can be using WordPress for the first time, or just trying to figure out how to better your own business or website. You can find out how to use social media or content marketing to make your business better – and talk with people that have made it work for themselves.

We could go on and on, but we think you get the idea. WordCamp Pokhara is great for:

  • Bloggers / Writers
  • Web Designers
  • Developers / Coders
  • Front-End Developers
  • WordPress Users
  • Online Store Owners
  • Online Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Students / Kids
  • Teachers

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